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Small Size CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutter

FC2912 - CNC Foam Cutter 29" x 12" x 40"

Designed to cut EPS, XPS and EPP foam for creating 2D foam projects.

Foamlinx CNC hot wire foam cutter 2913 29inch x 13inch


Small Cutters can be used for Creating signs,logo,letters,props,wings,airfoils and architectural shapes.

FC2912 Foam Cutter

The FC2912 Automatic Hot Wire CNC Foam cutter is a cost effective 4 independent axis foam cutter. The machine is light weight and can be stored away when not in use.
29" effective cutting on the X axis (Horizontal)
12" effective cutting on the Y axis (vertical) - 40" wire length.

bullet 1/2" Ground and polished steel assembly.
bullet Accuracy: 0.01"
bullet Cutting Wire included: 300 feet
bullet True 4 axis - will cut tapered cuts (where one side is different than the other).
bullet Motors: 4 independent stepper motors - High Torque - 220oZ*Inch, NEMA23.
bullet System Power requirements: 110V single phase 300W max
bullet Warranty: 2 Year on mechanics 1 year on electronics.
bullet Assembly time: 3 Hours - No soldering or drilling required
bullet Software (not included) - Designed to work with DevFoam and Mach3
bullet Computer and monitor are not included in this package.
bullet Requirements: Computer with WinXP + onboard parallel port or Windows 7,8 or 10
bullet Return Policy

FC2912 - $3999
bullet Cutting speed: 16"/min
bullet Fully assembled and tested electronic box, cables and motors
bullet Digital hot wire power supply, will heat up to 3 feet of wire.
bullet There is an option to purchase this machine with a new computer and monitor, configured software and 3 hours of online training for additional $1500.

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